Episode 14: How Sleep Affects Our Performance

Did you know that there are a lot of misconceptions regarding what is and what isn’t normal sleep? Well, I’ve invited Dr. Yishan Xu, a licensed clinical psychologist, sleep specialist, and founder and director of the Mind & Body Garden Psychology clinic in San Francisco to let us in on the secrets to better sleep! In this episode she helps us guys understand the top three sleep challenges we face. You just gotta listen in to how these three challenges affect our sleep, performance, and health. We talk about sleep behaviors before, during, and after you go to bed, how they can help or harm our health and well-being, and techniques that helps us get those much-needed Z’s back under control. Dr. Xu also explains the differences we face regarding our sleep and health compared to women. We also chat about shift-work occupations, nighttime eating challenges, and the use of medical devices and various treatment approaches that may enhance our sleep. Oh yeah, and we also chat a good amount about how food, eating patterns, liquids, and you guessed it, how caffeine and alcohol play a role in our sleep and health.

Dr. Xu is a sleep specialist and received her training from Stanford Sleep Medicine Center and serves as a committee member in the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine. She describes her approach as a sleep psychologist as that of a gardener. When people come to seek support, they may have too many branches of mental blocks and bushes of stress in their lives that affect their sleep and health. Her team of psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and clinicians all work together to help people be more aware of the branches and bushes that impact their quality of life, and then assist them to trim these parts, cope with stress, and live a healthier and happier life. Dr. Xu grew up in China and speaks both Mandarin and English. She strongly advocates for evidence-based treatment approaches to develop a more positive attitude, and to build a life that is happier, more balanced, and more meaningful. Dr. Xu also has her own podcast called Deep Into Sleep, where she gives some great advise and information about enhancing ones sleep. Oh, and the name of my fellow registered dietitian nutritionist researcher that I couldn’t remember her name is Dr. Hollie Raynor, and she’s at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

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