Episode 59: Want to Know How to Convert Your Picky Eater? Here’s Small Bites with Chef Asata Reid

Do you know someone that won’t touch a fruit or a vegetable? Maybe it’s your kid, or maybe it’s a friend or yours. Or, is that picky eater you? Well in this episode of the One Small Bite Podcast do I have the solution for you! Chef Asata Reid from Small Bites Adventure Club (by the way, I just love their name) is going to tell you how you can convert kids into life-long fruit and veggie lovers – and probably you as well. Chef Asata Reid is also a great colleague that I’ve had the pleasure to work with on several occasions in the past, and we have such similar views about food and nutrition. She’s just incredible!

Listen in as Chef Reid tells you how Small Bites offers a simple but brilliant kit filled with mystery and freshness. As they describe it in their mission, they help children discover, eat and love fruits and vegetables. Small Bites offers turn-key hands-on kits to schools, clubs and preschools, and now directly to parents, that make nutrition education easy and fun for educators. They now have developed a Farm to Home-kit that will be launching to parents later this month, November 2020!

I just love this organization, and not just because of their name. I love Small Bites because they align so well with everything I believe in and what this podcast is about – building a positive relationship with food, anti-dieting approaches to nutrition, and enjoying all food. Essentially, Small Bites is providing kids with a box filled with discovery to peak their curiosity, and of course curiosity is one the main 4C’s in my upcoming book One Small Bite. Chef talks about how Small Bites also works with at least 50% of their farmers and growers that are minority or female owned. We talk about the importance of guiding a child to discover fruits and veggies versus forcing kids to eat them. It’s about building their autonomy to choose. Each kit also contains a short introduction to the farm with pictures of the owners, location, facts about the fruit or vegetable and how it’s grown and farmed, and even fun guides, challenges, and recipes for teachers and parents to engage kids to feel, taste, and experience the fruit and veggie. And, they also have a YouTube channel where they introduce more ways for you to expose your kids to more fruits and veggies. You just have to check it out, even if you don’t have kids yourself.

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