Episode 11: Super Bowl Champions Eat Like This… with Leslie Bonci

Want to know what Super Bowl elite NFL players eat that get them to the championship? Come find out as I interview the Kansas City Chiefs nutritionist Leslie Bonci.

This is going to be a great! Leslie talks about how she helps the players enhance their performance and get to the championship game. She gives us the nutrition secrets that make these guys shine, and you’ll be pretty surprised by how she does it. Hint – it has something to do with the name of this podcast. We talk about eating time, hydration, supplements, and foods that all affect their health, and how each individual player is assessed medically, physically, and from a nutritional standpoint. These guys are getting top notch care, but it’s not that different that what you and I can do to reach our peak potential. It’s no wonder the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl, after all they have the same registered dietitian nutritionist that worked with the Pittsburg Steelers, which by the way are SIX (6) time Super Bowl champions. Not a coincidence!

Oh, and let me just give you a little background on the amazing Leslie Bonci, registered dietitian nutritionist extraordinaire. Leslie is a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, that means she is the bomb, and she is the owner of Active Eating Advice, Be Fit, Fed, Fearless – a nutrition consulting company. She is the co-founder of Performance 365 – a sports nutrition consulting company. She is currently the sports nutrition consultant for the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. Her company Performance 365 will provide sports nutrition services for the XFL the new football league starting in 2020. She was the sports dietitian for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Steelers, Toronto Blue Jays and has also worked with the Pittsburgh Penguins, University of Pittsburgh Department of Athletics, and the Washington Nationals. And as if that isn’t impressive enough, Leslie has also authored several books, is also an adjunct instructor in the school of dental medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, and lectures extensively at universities and corporations.

Right in time for the Super Bowl, and her team is in it!

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