Episode 83: How Body Liberation Frees Us from Diet Culture with Guest Kent Thomas

This week David interviews Kent Thomas, a social worker that focuses on body liberation coaching in Tacoma, WA. In this podcast David and Kent discuss difficult questions and thought provoking ideas around food, eating disorders, and body liberation. David asks Kent what body liberation is; They discuss queerness and Christianity, body shaming in the gay…

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Episode 67: Who Else Wants to Find Balance Nourishing Their Soul? With Tai Chi Master Gu

This podcast is a little different than many I have done before. This week on One Small Bite, I interview Tai Chi Master Gu and apprentice George Thompson from Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Taoist Academy in Central China‚Äôs Wudang Mountains. We recorded this podcast in different countries on different continents which to me is…

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