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Episode 78: 4 Key Elements of Unapologetic Eating with Guest Alissa Rumsey

On this episode of OSB David interviews Alissa Rumsey, author, dietitian, and intuitive eating counselor, about her new book Unapologetic Eating and more. Alissa shares how her relationship with food has transformed over the year and all things related to her new books. Her and David have a great conversation about Alissa’s four key elements…

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Episode 51: Friday Food Hack – 6 Mindful Eating Techniques That Will Enhance Your Health

These 6 Mindful Eating Techniques will truly help you enhance your health and build a better relationship to eating and food. What does that mean? It means paying attention to your body’s physiological needs as well as what you want emotionally in a way that is in balance. This Friday Food Hack ties into my…

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