Episode 89: Very Low Carbohydrate Diets and No Weight Loss? What’s Going On?

This episode is all about how weight loss articles send the wrong message. We continue to inspect the referenced research with a weight inclusive lens. Episode 89 dives into one of the referenced research papers from an article about very low carbohydrates diets and weight loss. The article and research was reviewed by our intern Victoria Pamee.

David references the 8 Red Flags of weight loss research comparing the previously mentioned article to societal expectations. As you listen, you hear how information about the diversity and amount of participants, how blinded the researchers were, outcomes, how the age group in question possesses a predisposition to weight changes, and much more.

This episode continues to help you critically look at general internet search articles from a weight-inclusive, anti-diet registered dietitian’s perspective. We hope to help our listeners continue to deconstruct the weight centric approach to health.

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