How Black Women and BIPoC are Further Marginalize by Diet Culture with Whitney Trotter

Welcome back mis amigos! I’m excited for today’s episode because I have the honor to talk to Whitney Trotter, registered dietitian nutritionist, nurse, and soon to be a DNP (Doctor of Nurse Practice). In this episode we talk about how black women and BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) are missed diagnosed for disordered eating and eating disorders, and how diet culture exasperates racism, sizeism, capitalism, and further marginalizes people of color as less than human.

First let me tell you a little about Whitney, because she’s just an amazing woman! Whitney Trotter: (she/her) is dually licensed as a registered dietitian nutritionist, nurse, and she is also a certified yoga instructor. Whitney has over nine years of experience working as a registered dietitian serving in the HIV/AIDS community as well as an expert in eating disorders. Whitney also previously worked at a Level 1 pediatric trauma center as a pediatric emergency room nurse. In addition to working as a dietitian and nurse, Whitney served as a member of her county’s rape crisis center. Her work at the center equipped her to co-found an anti-trafficking organization called Restore Corps, where she now provides medical training to the community focusing on human trafficking response. Whitney is also the owner/founder of Bluff City Health, a private practice specializing in bridging the gap in the eating disorder field of equitable care and social justice

Whitney’s website/Bluff City Health:
Restore Corps:
Instagram: @whitneytrotter.rd

Whitney discusses her journey through the loss of two athletic scholarships and the multitude of challenges to become a registered dietitian nutritionist as a black woman. She talks about how she was motivated and inspired to work with individuals dealing with HIV/AIDS by her nutrition professor, and how this experience helped her work with and co-found the anti-trafficking organization Restore Corps. Whitney tells us her job experience as a pediatric trauma nurse, and how she became the director of nutrition for an eating disorder center. Her experience in the eating disorders helped her see how many BIPoC communities were being incorrectly and missed diagnosed for eating disorders because of the color of their skin, or the shape of their body.

Whitney tells us about her private practice Bluff City Health, and all the great work she’s doing like with the Black Girls Binge groups. Black Girls Binge is a support group for black women diagnosed or misdiagnosed with a eating disorder. She tells us how black women don’t get diagnosed with eating disorders because of their skin color, body shape or size, and how this furthers fuels racism, sizeism, capitalism, and distorts the constructs of health and further marginalizes and diminishes black women and people of color.

Listen in as we also discuss ways we can screen for eating disorders in BIPoC and black women. Such as screening for…

  • Food and body relationships
  • Eating patterns and history
  • Food insecurity and accessibility
  • Trauma and history of inherited or familiar trauma
  • Assimilation and attachment history to weight loss
  • Family history of eating and dieting
  • Other biomarkers for stress

This was such a great episode, and an amazing discovery into the challenges marginalized populations face in our healthcare system and society. I can’t wait to have you listen in and let me know what you think.

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